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Department Introduction

Shenyang business department is the accessory part of the POPLAND Group Company, which is the main department in charge of developing and assisting the chain stores to complete the marketing development and service work in Liaoning, Jilin, Inner Mongolia and other provinces B2B products distribution. We strictly adhere to the enterprise business philosophy with our sincerity, pursuing quality, serving the society in order to do a better job in the market development and service.

Our company POPLAND helps the sales department to transport and serve B2B products for the customers. We have a perfect storage and transportation management system, which can be operated in a professional way. All the steps are monitored by computers to ensure the transportation temperature and make the products under the smooth and safe operation. Meanwhile, mastering transporting information and improving the management system can ensure that the goods are under each link documented. Thus, all of them are the basic factors to ensure the product quality. We use our practical action to prove: Serve every customer best, Improve every customer’s satisfaction and Pass on our sweet.

The department owns thousands of square meters professional warehouse and numbers of the refrigerated transport vehicles. At same time, with the rich resources of third party cold transportation and senior market evaluator, we can design the proper plan and direct them to master the sills of opening shops quickly. Thus, we can catch the opportunity and gain the profit in a short time according to the customers’ demand.

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