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11-Great news! Grand opening of dinadora's new product conference in summer Chen

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The second stop of dinadora's summer new product Conference opened in Chengdu on April 2. Ms. Wang Haihong, deputy general manager of dinadora, and the head of group functional department and franchisees from all over the country attended the conference. Dinadora's partners from all over the country gathered together to celebrate this important moment.

Sales, as the source of profit, is the fundamental guarantee of the store's profit. New product listing is the basis of all activities. It is the core element that determines whether the enterprise and the store can be based on the market. New product listing can inject new vitality into the enterprise, guide clear strategic objectives, and achieve strategic landing.

In the conference, Ms. Wang Haihong, deputy general manager of dinadora, took the lead in making a speech, made the most accurate analysis on the current market situation and trend of the ice cream industry, looked at the essence through data, and with many years of experience and professional knowledge, put forward a series of operational strategies based on the actual case, which was unanimously recognized by the whole audience.

Ms. Ni Mingyue of dinadora's planning department takes "the ice summer from beauty to bubbling" as the theme, comprehensively analyzes the selling points and advantages of new products in summer. The product strength is the embodiment of the product's comprehensive strength. Each new product's appearance arouses the admiration and expectation of the franchisees on the spot. At the same time, she also publicizes the marketing strategy of the new season, which further strengthens the franchisees' confidence and decision to make new achievements this year Heart, have said that there is such a good product this season must be hot.

<What's the highlight of the meeting that makes people pick up their mobile phones to take photos? What is it that keeps people tasting?

When summer comes, many people will always drink a bottle of coke or sprite, because these carbonated drinks are really cool and delicious, which can relieve summer heat and thirst. However, if you are still drinking carbonated drinks, you are really behind the times. Dinadora's new concept of drinking healthy, interesting and fun bubble tea will be launched in 2019, which will directly hit the first demand of consumers.

We are in the information age and at the same time in the "new consumption age". IC3 ice cream equipment adds to the product direction of dinadora 2019 and realizes the customized high-end products most suitable for the "new consumption age". From selling products, services to selling experiences, dinadora will go straight to the front of the "new consumption age".

In this link, Mr. Zhang Hailong, regional manager, introduced the advantages of bubble machine and the marketing strategy of bubble tea in detail from the benefits of bubble water to the big data research of bubble water. Ms. Yao Lin, the regional manager, deeply analyzed the current development trend of ice cream and the four advantages of IC3 equipment. The new products made by the two managers with bubble integrated machine and IC3 equipment interacted with the whole meeting, leading the meeting atmosphere to a climax, perfectly interpreting the sentence "no one is more professional than us in making ice cream!"! To be a chain store, we are second to none!

Ms. Qi Xiuli, the product R & D department, demonstrated the operation mode of the bubble machine and the ice cream equipment of IC3 on the spot at the conference, and taught the franchisees to make fresh and cold bubble tea and delicious ice cream by hands. The atmosphere was very warm, and the franchisees on the spot enthusiastically participated in the inquiry, eager to taste the new equipment and new products And high expectations.

To drink water, we need to drink healthy water, and to eat customized ice cream, which will surely become the consumer's consumption trend, while dinadora's bubble tea and customized Italian handmade ice cream at the top, look down on everything. When you drink dinadora bubble tea and eat dinadora IC3 customized ice cream, you are already a winner in life.

Before the end of the meeting, Ms. Wang Haihong, deputy general manager of dinadora, made a concluding speech. Based on the current market situation of dinadora, she was optimistic, but also nervous. No strategy is hard to make profits, and there is a strategy and a future. Vice general manager Wang Haihong once again interpreted the strategy of 2019 dinadora, and stressed its importance. To achieve the strategic goal is the way to achieve success.

So far, dinadora's summer new product conference has come to a successful end. In the new round of challenges, we will work together with all dinadora's partners to achieve our goals and create brilliant achievements!

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