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GELATO DI NATURA is an Italian brand Originated in Venice.

Italian Michelang ice cream Co., Ltd. was founded in 1982. , which is located at No.2 Rossa skolze Ave. Veneto, Italy.

GELATO DI NATURA handmade ice cream is a remarkable brand that is still in operation until now since 1982. For more than 30 years, Michelangelo has been drawing inspiration from the Italian tradition to produce authentic Italian handmade ice cream. The President of Michelangelo is known as the scientist of Italian ice cream. He has realized the dream of transforming Italian handmade ice cream into the Standard industrialization production. Thus, Michelangelo Company has become an international enterprise of Italian handmade ice cream.

On December 27, 2006, as the brilliant contribution to the Italian handmade ice cream culture, the President of the Republic Italy awarded the "Glory Knight” to Pietro Michelangelo, founder of the GELATO DI NATURA brand. In Italy, the award is only for someone who has the outstanding contributions to an industry.

In January of 2013, Shenyang POPLAND group formally signed the contract with Italian Michelang Ltd, and then launched the summit cooperation together. After that, Tina DORA officially entered into Chinese market.

Now, GELATO DI NATURA stores cover all over the world and the brand is popular internationally. They always bring high-quality Italian handmade ice cream and excellent service to the Italian consumers even the whole world customers during the 30 years.

In January of 2013

In January of 2013, The POPLAND signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Italy to jointly create the GELATO market in China.

On June 10 of 2013

On June 10 of 2013, the first GELATO DI NATURA store in China was born in Beijing Road of Guangzhou

In 2014

In 2014, Shenyang GELATO DI NATURA management co., ltd. was formally established.

On June 2 of 2014

On June 2 of 2014, GELATO DI NATURA was invited to participate in the Italian National Day activities of Shanghai office

In 2015

In 2015, Tina GELATO DI NATURA was officially opened in China, with the 62 exhibition stores in cities and provinces across the whole country.

In September of 2015

In September of 2015, GELATO DI NATURA 's first professional coffee training camp (Guangzhou) was started

In November of 2015

In November of 2015, the Asia-pacific strategy summit meeting was held in Shanghai.

Tina DORA is in China

Every bite of ice cream stimulates the tip of the tongue and the heart and enjoys the beautiful moment of life. POPLAD brings the unique ice cream culture and taste experience to our customers.

The POPLAND Group has built more than 600 chain stores which forms a network in the 28 provinces and municipalities across China. Basing in headquarters of Shenyang and Jiaxing, the whole group has developed into a nationwide operation management and distribution service network.

Branch store:
Heilongjiang. Harbin
Branch store:
Jilin. Changchun
Branch store:
Shenyang. Anshan. Dalian
Branch store:
Inner Mongolia. Ulanqab. Baotou
Branch store:
Branch store:
Hebei. Baoding. Chengde. Baoding
Branch store:
Shandong. Jinan. Qingdao. Weifang
Branch store:
Shanxi. Taiyuan
Branch store:
Ningxia. Wu Zhong
Branch store:
Xinjiang. Urumqi
Branch store:
Tibet. Lhasa
Branch store:
Jiangsu. Changshu. Nanjing. Lianyungang. Nantong. Xuzhou
Branch store:
Anhui. Huainan
Branch store:
Branch store:
Branch store:
Sichuan. Chengdu
Branch store:
Zhejiang. Jiaxing
Branch store:
Jiangxi. Nanchang
Branch store:
Guizhou. Guiyang
Branch store:
Guangxi. Liuzhou
Branch store:
Guangdong. Dongguan. Guangzhou. Zhuhai. Shenzhen
Branch store:
Hainan. Zhuhai

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