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11-Ice cream Carnival

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Ice cream Carnival

Scenes that can be shot everywhere

Forest theme scene

Flamingo theme scene

Ice cream theme scene

Star theme scene

Desert theme scene

Castle theme scene

Ice cream Carnival offers


Man 88 presents a handmade ice cream with the image of Michie as mascot



(1)A cup of American coffee for consumption of over 39

(2)One Italian cake for consumption of 49

(3)Buy one for free Italian frozen cake

Italian sales area

(1)16 handmade chocolate gift boxes worth 128

(2)A box of 68 yuan for limited time

(3)50% off the second bottle of imported Italian red wine

(4)Free consumption and Michelangelo's golden diary

Plus dining area

Steak with black pepper set meal second half price


Punch card games that can be played everywhere

Collect six stickers to get the certificate

DIY ice cream everywhere

DIY ice cream everywhere

Master teaches you how to make delicious food

Italian masters from afar visit Michelangelo ice cream museum to teach the most authentic Italian pizza and ice cream

Mr. Edo, marketing manager of fabbrl company, made ice cream on site

Fabio teacher

Fabio, a passionate and highly creative teacher, teaches pizza making on the spot.

Ice cream on the go

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