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Brand Introduction

Michelang Museum

The Mechelang Museum is located in Jiaxing. The address is No. 317, Baiyunqiao Road, Jiaxing International Food Industry Zone, Nanhu District, Jiaxing. With the convenient traffic ways including many highways and high-speed railways, you can arrive the business circle, Shanghai Pudong Airport, Shanghai Hongqiao Airport, Ha ngzhou, Jiaxing port, Suzhou and Ningbo within one hour. At present, it is not only the largest Italian ice cream museum in China but also records the history of ice cream for 4000 years and spreads ice cream culture.

Sightseeing Corridor

1st Floor: U waffle DIY, small classes, handmade ice cream DIY, GELATO DIY, Children's Amusement Park. There will be a professional teacher to teach you how to make ice cream and bring you to experience the fun of ice cream making.

Children's Amusement Park

2nd Floor: Italian food section: With a variety of Italian foods, you can buy the most popular Italian products there without going abroad. Gourmet Section: Ice cream, American fast food, Italian casual dining and coffee are provided hear. To meet your different gourmet needs, the Production Process Visit Area can offer the opportunity to see the production process of ice cream. Now the whole automated production line is the most expensive ones in the ice cream industry.

PLUS Meal Area

3rd Floor: There is a history exhibition area and small theater here. Ice cream culture is not only the food continuation but also it is a kind of cultural inheritance. We can see some precious materials about the ice cream and some vintage ice cream related objects here. What’s more, there is a professional commentator to explain the whole process of ice cream production and the development history for you to feel the rich culture of ice cream.

The Treasure of Museum

The 4th floor coffee college, multimedia lecture hall and other functional plates; The coffee college will provide the most professional training about coffee to the whole group employees, customers and agents by the SCA trainers. And all of them will have the opportunity to be personally taught by the international SCA trainers. Meanwhile, the classes will also offer coffee teaching to the coffee lovers of whole society. With a capacity of 322 people, the multimedia lecture hall is equipped with JBL audio system, which is famous for its high quality technology and super wide LED screen. All that meet the needs all kinds of large conferences and annual meetings.

Business model

  • Parent-child & Research-learning Traveling
  • Academic Conferences

The activity can help us to know the 4000 years’ ice cream history, to experience the handmade ice cream production and to visit the world's top ice cream production workshops and techniques. It’s also a good way for us to spread ice cream diet culture, to carry forward the spirit of craftsman as well as to cultivate the students' courage, assertiveness, persistence and other traditional virtues. So we can not only expand the international vision but also understand the gap between Chinese and the international ice cream industry. Furthermore, that’s good for us to cultivate a healthy diet culture and experience the fun of handmade products.

With the times changing, the youth in the 21st century also will face more and more challenges. So it is necessary to strengthen their knowledge of national defense and become a "small soldier" in order to defend our motherland.

Ice cream Warrior Challenge Games

The Ice cream Warrior Challenge Games can enhance the children's enthusiasm for sports and improve the Children’s physical quality. Combining exercise with playing games, the activities also can increase the children's physical fitness through the reasonable exercise.

Civil Defense Skills Training and Practicing

Through learning hemostasis, simulated dressing, fracture fixation, cardiopulmonary resuscitation and other first aid knowledge, all of them can strengthen their own protection awareness.

Live CS Games

The laser movement imitates the "real combat" movement, allowing the children to exercise their participants' physical ability, will, thinking and reaction in order to feel its deeper meaning.

Team Development Games

The Team Development Games will fully show each child's own characteristics and advantages, at same time, it will increase the children’s inner understanding and cooperation of other partners. Also that’s quite helpful to enhance their friendship, to improve personal ideology and to enhance their self-confidence and sense of responsibility.

Professional Training

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