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About Michalang

ice cream I’m not an Ice cream.

gelato I’m gelato.

I come from Italy.

I inherit from the traditional handmade ice cream.

I devote to the worldwide promotion of handmade ice cream

I try to get people around the world to taste Gelato's natural flavor

Michelang with natural materials , To original heart

Pietro Michelang created Michelang handmade ice cream brand in Venice in 1982 . He won the “Oscar Prize” in Gelato competition and got this award for three consecutive years. For his great contribution to ice cream, he was also awarded the honor of the knight of Italy by the President and prime minister of the Republic of Italy.

Business Ice cream

Feel the sweet and delicate when ice cream touches across the lips and throat

Cool all the way, milk flavor taste endless

Molisha ice cream adopts the advanced Italian production technology

The ice cream produced by high-tech robotic arm is exquisite and in varied patterns and high level appearance, which can replace the artificial ice cream design in the store. It is convenient to operate and has a strong product force in the market share.

Nature always shows us the beauty and truth, and so do we.

Only choosing the natural raw materials and the freshest ingredients, we insist to keep the traditional production process. Papulado's "ice cream, without a drop of water, is made in the most natural way. Its appearance is a breakthrough in China's commercial ice cream industry, which has created a new ice cream history. It will not only challenge the human taste buds with a new, but also give us a standout experience. That is Papulado.

Natural fruit jam is added to make its taste fresh and natural, which is sought after and loved by the consumers.

Now the products have been upgraded and the milk has been added to improve the flavor, texture forms, movement taste and back taste of the products

Other products

Cake Billet

Softy Ice

Cranberry Powder

Trust - we are highly trusted by our Chinese customers.
Favor - we are favored by consumers from many countries in Europe and America.
Quality - our confidence comes from the quality of Italian craftsmanship.
Natural - we advocate fresh, natural and healthy.
Focus - we have focused on GELATO commercial ice cream for 37 years.
Strength - we have a professional production base ahead of Asia-pacific region.
Technology - we have more advanced technology support.
Our Materials Selection Standard

Do you know where the excellent mangoes are in the world?

Do you know where the fragrant and strong hazelnuts are?

Do you know where dark chocolate beans come from?

Michelang knows all these!

Only India's Alfonso can cross the tongue. Australia mangoes? Taiwan mangoes? Thai land mangoes ? Because of that a wisp of acerbity, all of them are not over the standard of the tip of the Mr Mechalang’s tongue.

Italy is hometown of nuts, but only the hazelnuts in Piedmont have the aroma of snow melting from Alps.

For durian, we can run all over all the places in southeast of Asia; for chocolate beans, we can run across South America; for vanilla, we can ship to the places as far as Madagascar.

So the selection standard of Mechelang’s material is NATRUAL, if add one more principle, that is never stop.

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