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Welcome to POPLAND

The POPLAND Group, founded in 1992 and headquartered in Shenyang of Liaoning Province, is the unique enterprise only specializing in the integrity of ice cream production, sales and service for more than 28 years among over 1100 ice cream enterprises in China. Under the leadership of Li Yining, the chairman of POPLAND, he uses his endless love for ice cream to seek and his tireless pursuit to explore. He has found out the Chinese commercial ice cream segmentation and led China's ice cream further development. Based on the effort of the whole group, the sales extended to the numerous cities of 31 provinces across the country. POPLAND products has expanded to spread around the world

POPLAND Group Founder

The founder and Chairman of the POPLAND Group---Mr. Li , as the spiritual leader of POPLAND brand system, has a legendary entrepreneurial life.

Just because of our chairman’s spirts of sagacity, persistence and pragmatic attitude, all of those constitute the core competitiveness of our company. At same time, these spirits bring us the quick development step by step, even achieve the triple jump developmentduring this process. Also because of his mind of the sincerity , persistence and helping countless people realize the dream of creating wealth, that makes Mr. Li Yining become an expert of franchise chain management. With his best effort, he has not only created countless wealth miracles and built an ice cream kingdom, but also that helped him take the dominant position in the whole industry.

Business Core Advantage / Business Philosophy

Our Business Core Advantage: We have our professional principle "The ice cream without a drop of water" and the professional brand “GELATO DINATURA” Our Business Philosophy: Seeking the trust with our sincerity, pursuing quality with our loyalty and serving the society with our heart

Medium-term Strategy

Break through the historical success, Take the historical opportunity, Realize the leap development, Form a professional brand

Enterprise Vision /Mission/ Value

Enterprise Vision: To be the excellent, international, professional and dignified ice cream enterprise Enterprise Mission: Our ice cream with the continuous high-quality will meet our customers' taste buds demand so that they can get the physical and mental happiness .In return, the business of ice cream enterprise can also enjoy the consistent value from them. Enterprise Value: Trust, Loyalty, Cooperation, Responsibility, Dedication, Wealth, Value.


11-Founded in 1992 and registered as Polar bear cold drink Food Co., Ltd


11-On May 1, 1995, the first supermarket chain opened in Shenyang


11-In 1997, Shenyang bangbangliang Food Co., Ltd. was registered and established


Satisfactory products


11-Liaoning Province Famous trademark


11-Company launch "Yami series Ice cream So far, it's a national best seller


11-Introduction Beautiful series " Ice cream Leading ice cream Consumer fashion


11-Touch cold chain Enterprise Management Co., Ltd Official registration


11-Visit Italy in August 2012 Michelson company to discuss cooperation


11-January 2013
first barrel Without a drop of ice cream
Birth of well growth and listing


11-March 26, 2013
Michelangelo (China)
Establishment of trading company


11-January 14, 2014
Shenyang dinadora
Management Limited
Formally established


11-May 26, 2014 "Bumpy scholarship" Formally established in the school of Marxism, Liaoning University


11-June 1, 2014
Michelangela, dinadora
Accept Italy
Mr. peisifan invited
Attend the Italian National Day ceremony


11-October 22, 2015 "Bumpy scholarship" Established in Shenyang Agricultural University


11-May 2016 be elected as Chinese baked food and sugar products The fifth council unit of Industrial Association


11-October 1, 2017 First gelato Popland Zhongdian store Official business


11-November 11, 2017 Michelangelo ice cream museum opens


The museum officially opened

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